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john u. bacon

The author of five bestselling books on the sport, John U. Bacon has been teaching college football for over 10 years. He knows the sport like the back of his hand. And now, you can get a taste of the class that has the longest wait list on campus without turning off the game or putting down your Dos Equis. He literally wrote the book on football, and will transform you from a fan who‘s yelling nonsense at a television into someone who‘s yelling at an expert level.

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Martellus Bennett

Former tight end Martellus Bennett is a funny guy, but he‘s serious about preparing students for today‘s increasingly competitive football-watching landscape. He‘ll arm you with the knowledge you need to impress your in-laws and win any football-related argument once and for all. You haven‘t watched football until you‘ve watched Martellus watch football. He also coaches the Football College Debate Team.

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katie nolan

When Katie Nolan isn‘t talking sports on-air, she‘s turning the football watchers of today into the football-watching leaders of tomorrow. Known for a tough-love teaching style that‘s guaranteed to make every student cry, she takes an interest in every student, especially if those students are buying her Dos Equis.

guest lecturer

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler enjoys beer, football, beer, and teaching, in that order. When he‘s not at the campus watering hole or tutoring students on the ins and outs of Dos Equis at a local sports bar, he‘s shaping the minds of tomorrow‘s football watchers into long, football-shaped minds. And he‘s not just a professor. He‘s also a Football College graduate.